The influence of the web on the digital immigrant

In my previous Blog post I discussed the rise of the digital age or native and how the young generation are easily accustomed to technology and never experienced one without it. However, there are many people out there that have had a very different upbringing. These people have recently been referred to as the ‘digital immigrant’ basically anyone that has had to learn about technology as they mean to go on. For more information on this distinction, Marc Prensky’s findings are a very interesting read here. Many may view the older generation to be ‘behind the times’ yet they are adapting exceptionally to a rapidly changing phenomenon.



Take LinkedIn for an example, it was founded in 2003, during a time when technology was only beginning to evolve into what it is today, by adults who were adjusting to these changes as much as the rest of us were. Granted these founders had a vast background in technology, but they still weren’t the ‘whizz kids’ that many feel intimidated by today. It just shows that adults are able to adjust to changes and the notion of the ‘immigrant’ is effectively challenged through these adaptations. LinkedIn has allowed millions of adults to connect and find employees or employers. As well as new jobs, it creates an on-line community that is still extremely popular today.




LinkedIn is an excellent way to learn from other marketers and gain tips and advice and this aided by joining groups where information can be passed back and forth between people that have similar interests.Your profile becomes your own personal outlet, whether you are an academic or a professional, LinkedIn provides content to suit a wide variety of interests and has so much more to offer than just job postings. Again I stress that this was created for adults, by adults, thus proving that the notion of the digital immigrant is inaccurate. There is a vast amount of information available out there for us today, it is down to the person, irrespective of age or gender, to seek and learn.






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