The issue of privacy and the web

The topic of privacy is always an issue when it comes to the world wide web. Nowadays, as we become more accustomed with social mediums, we are becoming increasingly more comfortable with opening up our lives to cyberspace. With this transparency comes great risk and leaves our private lives very vulnerable to strangers. So how much is too much? Personally I would never even consider putting up some of the information about myself that others can easily divulge on a daily basis. Recently there has been controversy about smart tv’s being able to record your conversations as well as the whole Facebook messenger debacle being constantly talked about on social media. Pipl search engine is an eye opening experience about how much of your life is really on display for the whole world to see. I shall look at these privacy issues in further detail.

Facebook Messenger

This is the most recent controversy that Facebook has become involved in. People are suddenly very aware of the invasion of privacy and many have opted not to download the app, yet you are unable to access unread messages in your inbox unless you install the messenger.There are both positive and negative sides to this new addition with arguments suggesting that Facebook can use your camera and microphone to track where you are. If you aren’t familiar yet with the new app, it is explained in simple terms here. Despite the reservations of many users, the messenger seems to have a strong following according to these findings. Facebook itself has addressed the controversial rumours surrounding the app, read more about it here.

It is only recently that I have come across this search engine. It prides itself on being the most comprehensive people search on the web. Out of curiosity I typed in my own name in location and instantly was redirected to my Facebook profile. This is a frightening prospect to think that your profile is never truly private.

It is true that once your photos go up on the web, they are there for life, this is why people have to be so careful about what they post. We could easily be walking past a stranger in the street that could know our personal information and we are none the wiser. has certainly opened my eyes and I will be thinking twice about my statuses and photos in the future.


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