The phone hacking scandal- was it a sex crime?

One of the major scandals to emerge in 2015 was the celebrity phone hacking scandal. Several celebrities’ intimate moments were exposed to the public domain. Such victims were actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco. A debate ensued about the safety of the cloud and the responsibility of apple and the ‘inappropriate’ behaviour of the affected celebrities.

Many have suggested that it was the celebrities own fault in the first place for not being careful with content they are sending and have this attitude that everything on the cloud is a free for all and “she was asking for it”. Is that not the same as the narrow minded attitude that if a girl dresses provocatively then it is her own fault for being raped?

phone hacking

No one deserves to be treated in that way, regardless of what they choose to wear or photograph. We can not control peoples actions, they will choose to expose and exploit regardless of what the affected victim has done. Greed is at play and often people are so desperate for a scandal that they take any such measure, not unlike the hacking scandal in 2011 which led to the closure of the news of the world.


Jennifer Lawrence released a statement outlining her feelings on the matter, branding the scandal a ‘sex crime’.  She even went as far as to say that anyone that viewed the photos were perpetrators of a sex offence. This is where the debate baffles me, curiosity is basic human nature and if these images are out there of a high profile person, then people are going to look.

Granted I in no way feel these celebrities deserved this exposure or encourage people to view the photos but it is also the risk you take when you are so well known. It is ridiculously easy to hack someone’s phone via the cloud today that no information is private any more. Regardless of celebrity status or not, it was certainly an invasion of privacy but just teaches us that we all need to be a little careful with our personal details on the web.


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