Gaming- A man’s world?

There has always been a stigma around girl’s doing certain things that aren’t ‘girlie’ things to do. Simple jobs such as a stone mason, mechanic, truck driver etc. are deemed to be jobs ‘only for men’. Yet, who said that girl’s can’t have these occupations of they so wish? It is the pressure of social norms that causes women to feel inferior and for ignorant and misogynists ego’s to flourish. So what happens when stand up and fight for their rights? Men take it back fifty years and chaos ensues. Immaturity prevails and nasty comments about female genitalia fly back and forth among these Neanderthals.






As you can probably sense, I have very strong views on this, look how far women have come over the last 100 years, yet there a still these ignorant males who constantly begrudge us of our rights. Although I am not advocating it, it would be some-what understandable if this was the elderly generation behaving like this, they grew up with male dominance and know no better; but it is the younger generation that are causing this controversy, the ones who were supposed to be thought that a women doesn’t always belong in a kitchen and that their Dad can clean the house too. This is what baffles me about the whole gamergate issue, how is their still so much small mindedness out there? Are parents not teaching their children right from wrong? Or is it a vicious cycle of bad upbringing after bad upbringing?




Something as simpgaerle as playing call of duty or grand theft auto, does not warrant a massive, out of control saga to erupt on-line. Male gamer’s turned the blame to gaming journalism for promoting female gamer Zoe Quinn . They focused in on the fact that she had relationships with other gamers, because apparently women can’t be successful in today’s world without sleeping around- immaturity at its best. Trying to drive females out of gaming, is just a modern day version of denying us the right to vote or work. I strongly believe that the males of today are severely threatened by how strong us women can be, well a note to any misogynists reading this, watch out- we are only getting stronger.


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