The future of social media marketing is mobile

Social media marketing is the way forward in the 21st century. The most popular social media hubs come in the form of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out this video from Sbr technologies to see the effect social marketing has on businesses.

According to PewResearch Internet Project, as of January 2014, 91% of American adults owned a cell phone. Ireland, being a modern and technically advanced nation; won’t be far behind America. Everyday things from shopping e.g River Island’s ‘click and collect’, to booking a taxi e.g Hailo, can all be done from the palm of your hand.


There are currently over 1 billion Facebook users in the world today, with 680,000,000 of those using the mobile app. This social medium is still the most popular with more people checking in and posting statuses on the go via their mobile. This is reinforced by the ‘selfie’ craze, with people constantly posting pictures and tagging others while at college, on a night out etc. The graph below displays the growing popularity for Facebook mobile.


These trends show what the consumer wants and what companies need to keep up with.

 Snapchat, Viber, and Instagram

These are also major contributors to the increase in mobile. These are quick, free and fun ways of communicating and an easy method for businesses to advertise products. Businesses should be posting pictures, tagging friends and running competitions and games via social media to increase their customer base.


Mobile marketing is taking over the dated methods of communication such as fax, telephone and even e-mail. Twittter is the quickest form of communicating and many businesses are now using it. Companies need to fully exhaust this medium by re-tweeting testimonials, running competitions and tagging photos.The mobile marketing association or MMA tweet some very interesting findings on the growth of mobile marketing which are definitely worth checking out.

google images

Check out this video from the Ericsson consumerLab forecasting the up and coming mobile desires of the consumer for 2014.

When people wake up in the morning one of the first things they will do is check their phones, be it for news updates or otherwise.The days of logging onto your laptop or desktop to catch up on your e-mails are a distant memory. Companies need to focus on these trends and use them to there advantage.

Taxi companies should be on Hailo or set up their own app, restaurants should have an instant ‘call’ button when you click onto their page and clothing stores, among others, should have an ‘order now’ button.Today’s generation wants immediate access and results. This furthermore establishes that the future of social media marketing most certainly lies in mobile.


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