Online life vs. real life

Today, 74% of all internet users now use social media. From Facebook to Instagram, an on-line presence of some degree is paramount in today’s society. Although there are many advantages to this, there are also issues to consider. Not just issues such as trolling or bullying arise, but also a false sense of reality. Someone’s […]

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The issue of privacy and the web

The topic of privacy is always an issue when it comes to the world wide web. Nowadays, as we become more accustomed with social mediums, we are becoming increasingly more comfortable with opening up our lives to cyberspace. With this transparency comes great risk and leaves our private lives very vulnerable to strangers. So how […]

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The rise of the digital age

We are all aware of today’s rapid development in many industries across the world. The main hub of this modernisation is technology. Nowadays we communicate through e-mail, or apps such as Snapchat and Viber. Posting a letter is seen as being old fashioned and dial up internet is a phenomenon that is the centre of […]

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